developing township, peri-urban

and rural communities

into self-sustaining socio-economic hubs

At Knowledge Pele we believe that ‘Development is Freedom.’

This means that we believe that all human beings are entitled to experience themselves as Free. Key to achieving this is the reconstruction of economic systems and the rebuilding of capabilities at the most local level. This is the grand social challenge of our time. And we don’t shy away from it. We therefore work with our clients, partners, stakeholders and communities to solve grand social challenges on the basis of deep knowledge.


The Knowledge Pele logo is an ancient Bantu symbol for the mind. This is because our mission is to restore the epistemic confidence of individuals and communities who have been denied agency. We understand epistemic confidence as the ability to trust in one’s learning abilities and knowledge as tools for transforming reality for the better.


We understand that Development work demands the best in human capital. We therefore recruit highly talented individuals who are passionate about development and have a proven track-record of personal excellence and integrity. As a team, we are multi-disciplinary, constantly challenging ourselves and each other to enhance our capabilities as part of the quest to create sustainable development innovations. Our uniting ethos is Afro-Optimism: a belief that our history as Africans is a unique endowment that allows us to reimagine and remake the world into a just and inclusive space for all to flourish.


Junior Programmes Manager

Political Studies Honours, BA degree in Psychology and Political Studies
(University of Witwatersrand)


I’ve always been incredibly passionate about psychology as well as, uplifting and restoring the human dignity of people of colour. Being a Development professional has perfectly married those two passions for me. However, my journey has meant that I have had to learn to live with discomfort. I say this because the problems faced by the communities we serve, understood in terms of their structural underpinnings, can feel overwhelming at times. 
I am often thrust into new realities that bring with them the emotional difficulty of witnessing the worst in man-made problems. It is through this process that one learns to be an empathetic agent of change. And this in turn has made me look inward, to constantly work on myself, my own psyche, baggage and biases in order to serve society from a place of integrity. What I believe I contribute to Knowledge Pele’s approach is compassion. I believe it is important to foreground the fact that our work touches human lives. It is important to me that we keep in mind the weight of that responsibility as that can never come second to our equally valued technical prowess as development professionals.


Knowledge Pele is part of the Pele Energy Group of companies. Started in 2009, the Pele Group holds three subsidiaries: Pele Green Energy, Pele Natural Energy and Knowledge Pele. Pele Green Energy is a renewable energy IPP (independent power producer); Pele Natural Energy is a base load IPP and Knowledge Pele is a research and development advisory firm. The Group’s purpose is to catalyse structural change through businesses that generate power and knowledge. It is the belief of the founding partners that coupling power and knowledge makes the Pele Group an impactful and relevant organisation for Africa’s development.


The word Pele means first or forward in Setswana and also denotes the central value of the Group: leadership. While the founders share a passion for Africa’s development, it is the belief in their personal agency that ultimately led to the creation of the Pele Energy Group. This is also the reason that the Group’s founders, Boipelo Moloabi, Thapelo Motlogeloa, Gqi Raoleka, Fumani Mthembi and Obakeng Moloabi, lead the execution of their vision as full-time employees within The Group’s various subsidiaries.

Our Role In The Market Is To:

 Generate research that accurately reflects the conditions, assets and aspirations of

under-served and excluded communities.

Design and implement development programmes that result in verifiable improvements to the lives of the excluded.

Share the tools of development planning and implementation with the communities we work in.

Make impactful social infrastructure & industrial investments to transform community economies.

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