Our theory of change places people at the heart of development processes and related outcomes.

We have undertaken a study of all our programme participants from 2015-2018. The intention of the study is to learn about the journey of human development from the perspective of the participants. The study focuses on the following aspects of the journey:


  • Challenges and Highlights.
  • Changes in self-perception.
  • Impact of personal transformation on friends,
    family and community.
  • Optimism about prospects for economic participation.


The results of the study will be made public to enrich practice in Development.

The Human Development Journey

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Work-readiness training, leadership development and internship placement.
Enterprise Development training and mentorship for micro enterprises with 3 year track record.
Career guidance, tertiary student slacement, academic mentorship & leadership development
Management of the governance, beneficiaries, grants and development impact of Community Trusts and Corporate Foundations.

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