Knowledge Pele provides a comprehensive set of research services for clients who seek to understand and drive

development impact.

Knowledge Pele is currently conducting a study of young South Africans who have founded pioneering businesses. The purpose of the study is to construct a typology of the country’s emerging industrialists. Through this project we intend to:


  •  Strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem through a scientific understanding of the needs and assets of young, pioneering entrepreneurs.
  • Inspire aspirant entrepreneurs through real-life stories of entrepreneurial triumph.
  • Forecast the role that South African entrepreneurs will play in shaping the African and Global economies in the medium to long term.

Founders Under 36

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Research Design

Primary Data Collection

Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis

Report Writing & Publication


Surveys & focus group discussions with at least 100 community members.
Iterative stakeholder engagements including surveys & focus group discussions with at least 200 community members.
Impact studies of development programmes focused on education and economic participation.
Monitoring, reporting on and de-risking investments with respect to environmental, social and governance metrics.

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