Knowledge Pele prides itself on advancing the development agenda through research and practice.



Published 13 August 2018

The newly-established KP Academy is a sure way of making social investments by business, impactful. Skills and entrepreneurial development in rural, peri-urban and township communities are seen by Knowledge Pele (Pty) Ltd, as needed interventions in fighting unemployment...



Published 04  July 2018

The fourth industrial revolution presents us with an opportunity to rewrite the story of Africa

and indeed, much of the so-called ‘developing world’...




Published 28 June 2018

This research seeks to connect specifically with work undertaken by the Gauteng Province to revive township economies. The Province’s work, primarily focused on township entrepreneurs, seeks to improve their capabilities and ultimate viability...



Published 03 April 2018

The Black Industrialists programme is differentiated by two key features, majority ownership and management control/ operational involvement. These differentiators are not only programme features but are in fact a comment on the corrective inclination of the programme...



First appeared in Pretoria News 06 December 2017

Africa in the future should be a place where Africans can live dignified lives. This means that no African should go without food, clean water, electricity, a comfortable home, clothing and access to the world beyond the home through the internet, transport and education,
among others....



Published 01 December 2016

IDC Youth Conference: Knowledge Pele MD, Fumani Mthembi & IDC's Stuart Barlett



Published 12 February 2017

Knowledge Pele’s first newsletter of 2017 seeks to share insights about excluded communities.

In particular, we consider how educational status and livelihoods relate. Socio- economic profiles offer critical insight for any business seeking to implement relevant community development programmes...




Published 12 August 2017

We exist to innovate for development. Knowledge Pele is born out of the recognition that poverty is a human construct (re) produced by unjust exclusion. It is this historical awareness that differentiates our approach to innovation...




Published in Earth, Wind & Fire In ‘Lost In Procurement’, F. Mthembi, Chapter 4 (2015). Copyright of Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection

This  chapter  analyses  the  socio-economic  development  impact  of  the  Renewable  Energy

Independent  Power  Producers  Program  (REIPPP)  in  communities  where renewable energy farms are located. A number of limitations were observed and these limitations result from a range of  factors such  as...




Published 09 January 2017

In 2015, I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking at Trialogue’s annual CSI Conference, held in May at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. My presentation took the form of a debate on the new Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance for South Africa. It’s one of those conversations for which a clear case for or against cannot be made intelligently...

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